1. What are biomes?
a) Areas of ecologically different climate.
b) Areas of ecologically similar climate.
c) Areas of different habitats put together.
d) Areas only of desert.
e) None of the above
2. What is Adiabatic lapse rate?
a) The rate at which you travel up.
b) The measurement of the distance of a location on the Earth from the equator.
c) How fast air rises.
d) The rate at which the temperature drops.
e) Both a and d.
3. The main factors affecting temperature:
a) Latitude and longitude. 
b) Altitude and latitude.
c) Altitude and longitude.
d) Longitude and lapse rate.
e) None of the above.
4. Why does Latitude have an effect on temperature?
a) Due to Earth's shape.
b) Due to Earth's location.
c) Due to the sun's location.
d) Due to the sun's shape.
e) Both a and d.
5. Name two climate zones:
a) Polar and Tropical.
b) Tropical and Mediterranean.
c) Polar and Tundra.
d) Tundra and Tropical.
e) Temperate and Mediterranean.